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Sion Province East Africa

Sion Province East Africa

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Zion Province Africa

"You should strive to make the Eucharistic Lord known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere" (F.C.1). African Mission is the fulfillment of this great dream of our Venerable Founder .

Africa is a very large continent with 53 countries with a variety of cultures and people. The continent has passed through different stages of development each with its own challenges.

Today the missionary activity involves both African and non African missionaries.

To make the missionary activities of SABS more effective we based our activities on the formulated policies and objectives of the Global mission (Ref. Strategies and plan for the African mission. 1993). It helped the mission to grow and develop accordingly in different phases and during the prescribed period of time.

African mission is raised to the status of a Province on 2ndApril 2016. We, the members of Sion family raise our hearts in thanks & Adoration before the Eucharistic Lord for His mighty deeds He has done in this mission. We also indebted to our entire Congregation, our Superior General Rev. Mother Grace & Team, all our former Superior Generals & Team, Provincial Team of all our Provinces for their Spiritual & Financial support


East Africa comprises 5 countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. We have established our communities in 3countries, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We are trying to flourish our Charism and apostolate. We SABS are really blessed with a Charism relevant at all times and everywhere. At times of difficulties we are strengthened by the words of our venerable founder "Be aware of the Blessings and great honor bestowed on you, by becoming a member of a Congregation that is dedicated to offer Adoration in union with the praises of the angels in heaven".

We have started our missionary activity in 1994 in Meru Diocese in Kenya .Mostly we work in the rural villages among the poor and needy.The following are our field of action.

·We have 2 adoration centers in connection with the Provincial house in Otiende, Nairobi and novitiate house in Kimumu , Eldoretrespectively. Both these are in Kenya. In Tanzania we are planning to start Eucharistic Adoration in the Divine Mercy Perpetual Adoration Chapel in Mafinga , associated with Bethel SABS Girl’s Secondary School.

·We teach in the Preprimary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools and Universities.

·Wetake care of the sick through Dispensaries , Health centers and Hospitals

·We take care of Orphan children infected with HIV/AIDS, in children’s homes and inthe different slums of Nairobi on a community based project

·We look after Physically challenged children in small homes

·We do Family Apostolate , promote women’s welfare projects and try to reunite the broken families

·We do Pastoral work in the parishes where we areand involved in the community development programs

·We serve in the Maxim Prison for Women in Langata . There we teach catechism and join with them for Sunday and special day’s liturgy. We give them gifts and Cakes on special occasions such as X’mas Easter etc. Once in a while the Officials of the Prison will come to our chapel and make prayer day with Eucharistic Adoration.

·Our sisters are also preaching the word of God & offering counseling service in the Retreat centre.

Thus our work is diverse and through our involvement with people, families, Institutions and groups, we promote a positive outlook on life, in the poor and needy people with whom we work. We hope and pray that our presence would make a difference in areas where we work and we become the messengers of Eucharistic love & compassion

Provincial Superior:Mother Mercy Thomas /Kalladayil SABS

Vicar Provincial:Sr. Tessy Maria Vazhapallil SABS

2nd Councillor:Sr.Marylit Kootiyanikal SABS

3rd Councillor:Sr. Lissy Mukkalayil SABS

4th Councillor:Sr. Elsa Madathinagam SABS

Finance Officer:Sr. Lisa Kalarickal SABS

Secretary:Sr. Glory Maria Vazhayil SABS


Address: Zion Regional House,P.O Box No.404,Uhru- Gardens 00517 Ottiende, Lancata, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

Phone :+254731826231 / 721252627, e-mail :<>