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Sayings of Mar Thomas Kurialacherry

1. Renew everything in Christ.
2. The core of Eucharistic devotion is a deep personal attachment to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.
3. The education of those who lack faith and moral values is equivalent to the weapon in hand of the insane.
4. Holy Eucharist is the center of Worship and Liturgical celebrations.
5. Holy Eucharist shines like Sun among the stars.
6. In the Church of Christ, Holy Eucharist is like heart in a body or spring of water in a garden.
7. Holy Eucharist is food and medicine at the same time.
8. Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament of the Sacraments because it is above all other Sacraments that prepare us to receive the Holy Eucharist.
9. There is no greater way to imprint in us the Passion of Christ than the Holy Eucharist.
10. Reception of the Holy Eucharist we receive spiritual food and peace of mind.
11. Holy Eucharist is the word made flesh and it is the main food of the soul, it is hidden in the bread from heaven, in the bread of the angels, and in the Holy Mass in the form of bread.
12. Holy Eucharist fills the human heart with love.
13. In the Holy Eucharist, the Lord gives Himself to us and led us to the works of charity.
14. Discard bad habits before receiving the Holy Communion.
15. In the Holy Eucharist, Jesus gave us God the Father and all His treasures.
16. By His eternal wisdom, the Lord gives himself fully to each one of usin the Holy Eucharist.
17. Love is as powerful as death.