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Indian Mission

It was rather a turning point in the history of the congregation to move out to other parts of India to extend God’s kingdom and to make known the Eucharistic Lord. At the request of Bishop Hubert D’Rosario, the then bishop of Dibrugarh in Assam , a group of sisters from Palai Province stepped out of Kerala to the far plunged North Eastern state of Manipur on 3rd December 1965. Thus, the first house outside Kerala was established in Hundung. It was a leap into the darkness but paved the way to open more houses in the North. In the years that followed the provinces in Kerala opened more houses in the North, and started missionary activities to bring the good news to the people who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

As the numbers of houses increased in the various missions, for the sake of development, four regions were formed in 1986 under the four major provinces in Kerala, namely Changanacherry, Ernakulam, Pala and Kothamangalam. The sisters were involved in the field of education, healing ministry, social services and developmental programmes to uplift the people of interior villages. In 1998 the regions were raised to the status of vice provinces in various parts of India. The Vice Provinces are, Pavithratma Vice Province with its centre in Jagadalpur, Jyothirmai Vice Province with its centre in Ujjain , Jai Rani Vice Province with its centre in Phillaur, Punjab, Christu Jyothi Vice Province with its centre in Satna and Corpus Christi Vice Province with its centre in Dimapur. Besides these, sisters from Thalassery Province had mission stations in Rajkot Diocese in Gujarat, Vijayawada, Warangal, Elur and Nalgonda dioceses in Andhra Pradesh. Kanjirapally province had mission stations in Chanda, Gorakhpur and Nepal. 

Having made rapid progress in growth and activities, the vice-provinces of Jagdalpur, Ujjain, Satna, Dimapur and Orissa were given the status of provinces in 2003. Punjab vice-province was divided into two provinces for administrative ease. Thus we have 6 mission provinces as Pavithratma Province Jagadalpur, Jyothirmayi Province Ujjain, Jai Rani Province Punjab, Christu Jyothi Province Satna, Deepthi Province Orissa and Corpus Christy Province Dimapur

Adding momentum to further growth, now we have 4 mission regions in India. They are St. Chantal’s region, Tamil Nadu,  Amal Jyothi region, Gujarat and Divya Jyothi region, Balasore.